The Creative vs the Critic

What Game Of Thrones shows us about handling criticism

Written by: Garreth Dottin

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In our niche obsessed culture, few things reach the cultural zeitgeist quite like Game of Thrones. It’s actors have become movie stars and suddenly dragons and magic are cool again. But as with most things that become popular in our social media era there’s an inevitable backlash.

A wave of negativity that surrounds any success. Tweets, snarky comments and long diatribes seem to be the norm for any success. And while looking at negative criticism can be overwhelming its an interesting case study.

What should a creative do when faced with overwhelming criticism? How does one create in the social media era?

We all have the tendency to look at criticism in a similar way at this point, its a unfortunate necessity of success. Everything from Ted Talks to music points out “haters’ and the need to ignore our detractors. But that cant be the only solution at some point, one has to take in some type of feedback right?