About Us


Habits and Design is a look at self mastery at the intersection of culture and data. We're seeing what we can unearth with a bit of data science, crazy illustrative art, and the pen. We’ve all seen topics of productivity and self improvement, that are either short, convenient articles or digestible top-five lists. They’re easy to snack on, but even easier to forget. At HD, we’re about telling the long story.

Picasso didn’t become a revolutionary artist with BuzzFeed-esque bullet point lists, but rather from living in the stories of the past. We’re certainly no Picasso, but we embrace the spirit of his story with a twist of data and illustrative art. We’re a community of engineers who have a creative side and artists with a penchant for the technical. And by mixing the left- and right-brain thinking,we're creating a group that pushes its members towards individual achievement. Join us as we collectively craft great art.

Garreth is a data scientist by trade who works with Natural Language Processing. Located in New York City, he’s interested in problems of AI and rare probable events. When he’s not developing or writing you can find him climbing some obscure wall at your local climbing gym.

Keith is the brains behind Habits and Design making sure the wheels stay on the bus. As a digital marketer and tech entrepreneur, he's interested in the impact of big data. Keith is a fellow advocate of getting off the computer and going outside. He’s an avid traveller and explorer of nature.